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How to Setup a Bounce House
Setting up a bounce house is an easy process, please see the video on the left, or follow these easy steps:
1- Find a flat area in your yard, open up the straps, lay down the roll, and proceed to unroll the inflatable. 
2- Pull open one side of the inflatable, then walk around the inflatable and open the other side of the inflatable.
3- Locate the vinyl tube where the blower will be installed and close the deflation zipper. Most of our inflatables have 1 or 2 zippers. Don't forget to close the velcro flap on the zipper.
4- Get the provided blower and install it in the tube by placing the blower inside the tube and securing it with the strap. If for some reason the strap on the tube does not work as it is supposed to, use the straps provided to hold the roll.
5- Plug the blower into a dedicated electrical outlet. Do not plug anything else into the same outlet or another outlet that uses the same electrical breaker.
6- Turn the blower on and wait for a few minutes to let the bounce house fully inflate.
Proceed to stake down the inflatable. The bounce house needs to be secured on every corner using the provided stakes and hammer down the stakes until they are all the way in. This is crucial to the safe operation of the bounce house.
How to Roll Up a Bounce House
Rolling up a bounce house is easy, please watch the video on the right, or follow the next steps:
1- Turn off the blower and take it off the inflation tube, open the deflation zipper, and let the bounce house deflate.
2- Once the bounce house deflates, proceed to pull the walls of the bounce house in, and pull them back out ensuring that the netting on the windows is inside to avoid any damage.
3- Walk around the bounce house to get as much air out of the bounce house as possible.
4- Pull one side of the bounce house to the middle and walk on the folded part to get the air out of the bounce house, then fold the other side of the bounce house to the middle and walk over it.
5- Grab the side of the second fold and fold it in the top of the other, and walk on the top again to get as much air out as possible and place the 2 provided straps underneath of the back side of the bounce house.
6- Start rolling the bounce house from the front to the back, starting the roll as tight as possible, so the roll stays tight all the way to the end, which will make it easy to move the roll around later. Just before you finish the roll, pull the tube or tubes inside so they end up inside the roll.
7- Finally tighten both straps around the bounce house and that's it, you're done and the bounce house is ready for transportation

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