4-lb Sledge Hammer
4-lb Sledge Hammer

*Holiday Pricing May Vary

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All Our Folding Table Rentals are Weekend Rentals for the price of a ONE-DAY rental.

The Rentals Need to be Picked-up Friday Afternoon and Brought Back to our Warehouse Monday Morning.


The 4-lb sledge hammer is a durable and versatile tool that's perfect for heavy-duty tasks. Its sturdy construction and comfortable grip make it ideal for breaking concrete, driving stakes, and other demanding projects. The hammer head is made of high-quality steel that's been heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. The handle is made of sturdy, shock-absorbing material that reduces vibration and minimizes user fatigue. With its balanced weight and ergonomic design, the 4-lb sledge hammer is a reliable and essential tool for any construction or demolition project.

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